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With a significant number of different transmission systems used in heavy machinery, there are different abilities and problems. Uncommon heavy machinery transmissions include hydrostatic transmission systems, hydrodynamic systems, and electric transmission systems. However, the clutch and transmission of a vehicle are intricately related to control the transition between gears and transferring power. The number of gears and exact machining required for a clutch and transmission system to work together effectively is often the source of many engine problems.

Torque converter problems

Likewise, the torque converter can cause problems, as it also works closely with the gears. Gears are used to control the speed and drive of the engine and the torque conversion process distributes this force to other engine components. A faulty torque converter causes a severe loss of power despite the internal energy source working properly. As the gearbox essentially serves as the torque converter, it controls the changing of gear ratios. And as the gears wear down over time, they develop a tendency to slip.

Hydrostatic transmission system problems

In a hydrostatic transmission system, power is transmitted by hydraulic components, which eliminates the number of precision moving parts in the machine. These transmission systems usually experience problems during extreme weather conditions that affect the performance of fluids. In addition, there are often also problems between the drive shaft and the transmission itself.

Hydrodynamic systems

While these systems also use fluids, they take advantage of the movement of fluid. The motor makes uses of more seals and veins that work together with the engine turbine. Problems in these systems are often related to damaged seals and obstructions in the pathway of fluids, preventing them to turn the turbine.

Electric transmission system problems

Electric transmission systems use electric generators to convert electrical energy into usable torque. Often, electrical transmission systems are coupled with turbines to create a turbo-electric drive. Failing electrical components often result in a lack of power or performance.

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