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Differential Repairs

Countrywide Gearbox Repairs offers an array of specialised repair services for heavy-duty equipment and vehicles across the country. Our repair services are designed to ensure that you incur minimal downtime, delays, and interruptions, while ensuring that your equipment operates at peak performance and safety.


As part of our focus on transmission repairs, we offer specialised heavy-duty differential repairs in South Africa. These services are designed to ensure that your vehicles operate safely, with enough power and traction, and with the ability to withstand the challenges of their work environments, at less of a cost to you.

Vehicles may become unsafe to operate when differentials fail, and there will also be a notable loss in performance and handling. If your heavy-duty vehicles suffer from these issues, contact us to have them seen to.

Our Differential Repair Process

  1. Each assembly is stripped, cleaned, and inspected. A quotation is then submitted to you for the repair to each individual assembly.
  2. Upon receipt of your approval / order number then we proceed to overhaul the component/s.
  3. There will be no charge for collection and delivery locally.

Quality Services from Leading Professionals

Our team of professionals is highly trained and experienced and provide services that are characterised by reliability and transparency.

We take the condition and safety of your equipment seriously, which is why we offer heavy-duty differential repairs in South Africa that can be relied upon to provide both.


If you would like to know more about our specialised heavy-duty differential repairs in South Africa, be sure to get in contact with a representative from Countrywide Gearbox Repairs today.