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Industrial gearboxes are exceptionally durable but overlooking seemingly minor gearbox issues can be catastrophic. Odd noises, performance issues, or temperature problems are likely indications that something is wrong.


Misalignment is a common gearbox issue that presents itself in gear and bearing pitting. If not addressed, this can eventually lead to total failure. The causes of misalignment include thermal expansion, installation issues, improper mounting, and deflection difficulties.

Lubrication issues

The correct lubrication is essential for gearboxes to function properly at extremely high speeds and under intense pressure. About 90% of gearbox failures are the result of lubrication failures and contamination issues. The wrong type of lubrication and even minor lubrication leaks can result in severe industrial gearbox issues.

Bearing problems

Problematic bearings account for an estimated half of all industrial gearbox issues. Issues that affect bearings include debris, contamination, misalignment, vibration, and shock.

Thermal instability

Substantial temperature variation between the housing and the shaft of the industrial gearbox can result in thermal instability. High temperature could mean the lubrication isn’t fulfilling its cooling function, or it could indicate overtightened bearings.

Torsional and lateral vibration

Increased speed and torque of your industrial gearbox can also lead to the surge of resonant vibrations. These vibrations are caused by twisting and side-to-side movements that increase vibrations as a result resonance. Improper mounting and support structures can exacerbate this issue, and eventually these vibrations can lead to shaft failure, fatigue, and cracks..

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